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Monarchs and consorts buried at Winchester

The city of Winchester in Hampshire was once the capital of the major Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex. The city remained important under the Normans, acting as joint capital with London into the 12th century.

The Saxon Kings were buried in the 'Old' or 'New' Minsters which don't exist anymore. Some of their remains are now stored in caskets in Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester was also the burial place for two of the four Danish Kings of England, King Canute and his son Harthacanute.

The last monarch to be buried in the city was the Norman king William II, killed by an arrow whilst hunting in the nearby New Forest.

The following is a list of the monarchs and consorts who are buried in the Cathedral.

Anglo-Saxon Danish Normandy


King of Wessex
died 839 ---
King of Wessex
died 856 See Note 1 ---
Alfred the Great
King of Wessex
died 899 See Note 2 Portrait
Edward the Elder
King of Wessex
died 924 ---
King of England
died 955 Portrait
King of England
died 959 Portrait
Emma of Normandy
Royal consort to two kings of England
died 1052 See Note 3 ---



King of England
died 1035 Portrait
King of England
died 1042 ---


House of Normandy

William II
King of England
died 1100 See Note 4 Portrait

1. Ethelwulf was originally buried at Steyning in Sussex.

Originally buried in the 'Old' Minster Alfred the Great's grave is thought to be now located in St Bartholemew's church.

3. Emma of Normandy was the second wife and consort to two kings of England: Ethelred II and the Dane Canute.

4. William II was buried in Winchester Cathedral. His elder brother - Richard, Duke of Bernay - was also buried in the cathedral, after a hunting accident in the New Forest in 1081.

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