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The Royal Consorts
The royal consorts - the spouses of the ruling monarchs - have often wielded influence in the background. And some - such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Margaret of Anjou or Isabella of France - have been as influential or powerful as the rulers themselves.

The following is a list of the royal consorts since the Norman Conquest.

1 House of Normandy 1066-1154  
2 House of Plantagenet 1154-1399  
House of Lancaster 1. 1399-1461 2. 1470-1471  
House of York 1. 1461-1470 2. 1471-1485  
House of Tudor 1485-1603    
3 House of Stuart 1603-1714  
House of Hanover 1714-1901    
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 1901-1910    
House of Windsor 1910-present    

1. The House of Normandy includes the House of Blois.

2. The House of Plantaganet includes the House of Anjou (the Angevins).

3. The House of Stuart includes the House of Orange-Nassau.

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